Segment #38 – “Stays at Red Terrace”

“Like…  missing-missing?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” she said, “John said that there was no sign of him and that no one at the hospital had any idea where he’d gone.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about this in the hall,” Frank stated as they approached Kerstin’s apartment door.  He took a moment to glance at the door to his own apartment; he hoped that it would remain closed.  “So, you gals head in and I’ll be over in a minute.  I, uh, I’ve just gotta feed my cat.”

He heard Leticia continue as they turned in to Kerstin’s apartment, “he said that the room was messed up like as if he’d been dragged out of it.”

“Really?” Kerstin said, “and this happened while…” The rest of her sentence was muffled by the heavy door that had swung closed between them.

As if on cue his own door swung open and his brother leaned out of it.  His shoulder was hooked on the door frame and he was grinning like a fool, “they’re hot,” he said, “which one is yours?”

“The red…  never mind, it doesn’t matter.  Get inside.”  Frank shooed his brother toward the interior of his apartment.

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Welcome to Emerald Heights!Once a shipping and rail mecca, this little big city has seen itself reinvented time and again. Located on the shore of the Massachusetts coast, Emerald Heights is in the midst of a boom. 

Emerald Heights tells the tale of struggle between legacy and power, loyalty and opportunity; of families united, families divided, conquered and rejoined.

There are the Waterfords who have existed in Emerald Heights since its founding, there are the Jordans who are slowly gaining control; the great Stanley dynasty that is proud but crumbling and the Price family legacy that is just beginning.

Emerald Heights is a dramatic web serial set in the current day. Take a look around, meet our characters and check out their story.

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