About the Author

Terry McGinnTerry McGinn originally came up with the idea for Emerald Heights and the families therein in 1995 and started writing the series under the title Stella Bay.

In 2002, while acting as the leader of an online gaming group, she got the idea to relaunch the series as a play-by-email role playing game.  The series ran for two years in this format and produced nearly 300 segments.  In mid-2004 the series was suspended due to lack of time.

At the same time Terry ceased writing much fiction at all and moved toward journalism, blogging and video blogging.

Over the past half-decade Terry has thought about relaunching the series yet again, taking it back to its original one-author roots and concentrating more heavily on the families and their stories.  At New Years 2011 Terry made the resolution to write more creative fiction and Emerald Heights is one such outlet.

New segments will be posted Mondays and Wednesdays.

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