Waterford Holdings

Type Private
Industry Real estate development, landholdings
Founded 1932 (1940)
Founder(s) Neil Waterford
Headquarters Emerald Heights, Massachusetts
Area served Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Key people Lawrence Waterford
Kirk Waterford
Products Residential hosing, commercial construction, property management, land conservation, residential landscaping, industrial site planning
Revenue 10$ million (2010)
Owner(s) Waterford family (80%)
Employees 1,600 (2009)
Subsidiaries Waterford Developments, Waterford Properties, The Waterford Conservancy, Waterford Landscaping

Waterford Holdings serves as the parent company for the Waterford family’s various business endeavours.  Its 12 member board of directors is composed of 10 members of the Waterford family and two members who represent the minority stakeholders.  Lawrence Waterford is the current Chairman of the Board.  Kirk Waterford was ex-officio Chairman of the Board until his death in the pool house fire.

No interim Chairman has been appointed to take Lawrence’s position while he is in a coma.  It is unknown how the board will proceed.

Waterford Holdings is headquartered in the Waterford Building located just outside the Central Business District of Emerald Heights.  The building has a heritage designation and once served as the town hall for Emerald Heights.  The building escaped the 1987 fire that destroyed a great deal of the downtown core of town.

The largest division of Waterford Holdings is Waterford Developments, which is nearly synonymous with the brand.  Waterford Developments is a land development company invested mostly in residential and commercial land development.  More recently, under the tenure of Lawrence Waterford as President, Waterford Developments has engaged in speculative development of residential parcels of land in Emerald Heights’ underdeveloped areas.

Waterford Properties manages Waterford Holdings commercial rentals and the sale of Waterford Developments’ residential properties.  The Waterford Conservancy is a public-private partnership that is tasked with developing and maintaining parkland and nature reserves in Emerald Heights.  It also carries out land reclamation work in some of the older industrial areas of Emerald Heights.

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