2011 Red Terrace pool house fire

The 2011 Red Terrace pool house fire was a deadly event that took place during the evening reception following the wedding of Tish Waterford to Marcus LeBrandt.  The building was completely destroyed.

The fire resulted in the death of Senator Charles Taylor and noted businessman Kirk Waterford.  Also injured in the fire were Oswald Glendale, who sustained major burns to several areas of his upper body, and Lawrence Waterford, who remains in a coma at Bayview Regional Hospital.

Several residents, in addition to those listed above, are known to have been in the pool house during the time of the fire.  These include Oliver Jordan, Olivia Jordan, Anders Waterford, Jason Marshall, Kent Armitage, Kaitlyn Godspeed and Leticia McKinelle.

So far authorities have laid no charges in relation to the fire; its cause and whether it was intentionally set or an accident have not been released to the public.

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