Public buildings:

  Emerald Heights Police Department
Bayview Hospital:
Whether welcoming a new member of the family, receiving treatment for a grievous illness or merely being checked out after a fainting spell, Bayview Hospital serves as the primary health care facility for Emerald Heights.
Emerald Heights Police Department:
The vanguard of justice in Emerald Heights. Office of Police Chief John Godspeed.



Jordan Tower Price Boutique
Jordan Tower:
Home to the combined headquarters for all the subsidiary business owned by Oliver Jordan including Jordan Heavy Industries, Stanley Software & Telecommunications, Jordan Financial, Jordan-Stanley Media and others.
A world renowned fashion house known for creating unique styles and outfits for the most chic and influential people the world over. Owned by Mary and Victor Price and operated by them and their family.
The P & Q  
The P&Q:
The local gin joint. The town’s own watering hole for the good old boys and the elite alike. When you’re inside the P&Q you check your social status at the door. Owned by Gordon Stanley and operated by him and his son, Jehua.
Cafe Orleans:
An intimate cafe that is a popular location for many residents of Emerald Heights to stop in at for a quick lunch or a dramatic confrontation.

Private Residences:

 Red Terrace Greydon House
Red Terrace:
The grand estate of Lawrence Waterford, the crowning glory in his long real estate and residential development empire. Red Terrace holds the distinction of being one of the most photographed homes in Massachusetts.
Greydon Hall:
The ancestral home of the Stanley family. Greydon is home to Brentwood and Gloria Stanley and their recently adopted son James. The estate includes a Lodge which is home to Gordon and Jehua Stanley.
 Pinewood Manor  Jordan Estate
Pinewood Manor:
The stately estate of recently deceased Wall Street paragon Richard P. McKinelle. It is currently the centre of a contentious battle between his children and his widow, Clara, who inherited the estate on his death. Home of Clara Preston-Mckinelle.
Jordan Estate:
The home of Oliver and Constance Jordan and their children, Olivia and Trevor. The house is the location of the annual Jordan Hallowe’en charity benefit.
 Price Family Estate
The Rockwell:
One of the rare residential developments build in Emerald Heights over the past few decades that is not owned by Waterford Holdings. Located at the corner of Main & Prospect. The Rockwell is home to 30 individual units with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.
Price Family Estate:
The palatial home of the Price Family; Victor and Mary Price and their three children.
The Waterford Family's "Old Family House"
The Old Family House:
The original family home of the Waterford family dating back to the early years of Emerald Heights.  It is currently the residence of Eileen Waterford.
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