Background Characters of Emerald Heights

This is a list of some background characters of Emerald Heights.


Kent Armitage

Capital investor and long-time backer of Lawrence Waterford and Waterford Holdings.

Roland Armitage

An attorney currently representing Clara Preston-McKinelle in her probate case for the estate of Richard McKinelle.  He is the ex-husband of Elizabeth Marshall with whom he has two children.


Doctor Bachman

A doctor at Bayview Hospital.

Anita Breza

Widow of Claudio Breza. She has been arrested for being an accessory to his murder. She claims to be pregnant with Duncan Marshall’s baby.

Detective Kevin Burgess

A detective from California who is in Emerald Heights investigating a murder. His suspect is Duncan Marshall.


Vanessa Cartwright

Oliver Jordan’s dutiful secretary.


Nathan Denzre

The brother of Frank Denzre.


Pamela McKinelle

Eldest daughter of Richard P. McKinelle; sister of Leticia and Richard McKinelle Junior. She is a banker.

Richard P McKinelle, Jr.

Son of Richard P. McKinelle; brother of Leticia and Pamela McKinelle. He is an executive.


Eve Nightingale

The infamous attack-dog lawyer for Jordan Enterprises. Arch nemesis of Giulia Pagani.

Owen Nightingale

Openly gay son of Eve Nightingale. He is in a sort-of relationship with Isaac.


Giulia Pagani

The district attorney of Emerald Heights.

Mary Price

Wife of Victor Price and mother of John and Sarah. She is a co-owner and co-founder of Price.

Victor Price

Husband of Mary Price and father of John and Sarah. He is co-owner and co-founder of Price.


Andhi Ross

Daughter of Stacy Talon-Waterford-Ross and Robert Ross. Half-sister of Kerstin and Tish Waterford.


Brentwood Stanley

Husband of Gloria Stanley and adopted father of James Stanley. He is the elder brother of Gordon Stanley.

Gloria Stanley

Wife of Brentwood Stanley and adopted mother of James Stanley.

Gordan Stanley

Father of Jehua Stanley and owner of The P & Q.


Stacy (Talon-Waterford) Ross

Ex-wife of Lawrence Waterford and mother to Kerstin and Tish Waterford.  Even after her divorce Stacy has continued to be a force in Emerald Heights society.  Her elder sister was Gabriella Talon, Leticia McKinelle’s mother.


Aidan Waterford

Son of Ophelia Waterford.

Eileen Waterford

Wife of Kirk Waterford and mother of Trey, Lawrence and Ophelia Waterford.

Lynda Waterford

Wife of Lawrence Waterford, step-Mother of Tish and Kerstin. Lynda is an unemployed socialite who is the queen of the who’s who of Emerald Heights.

Ophelia Waterford

The only daughter of Kirk and Eileen Waterford.  She is a strong woman.  She has several children with her now-dead husband.  All of her children have the Waterford surname.


A shady associate of Trevor Jordan who is known, at least, to deal drugs in Emerald Heights.  Trevor owes him a significant amount of money.


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