Duncan Marshall

Duncan Marshall
Duncan Marshall
Born Duncan Marshall
1977 (Age 35)
Occupation Photographer, Studio M
Residence Unknown
Father William Marshall
Mother Annette Marshall
Family Elizabeth Marshall
Jason Marshall
Relationships Cassandra Marshall, wife
(m. 1999 – Pres)
Active Seg #3 – Present
Segments Featuring Duncan

Born to the well-off Marshall family, Duncan grew up not wanting for anything and yet not spoiled as so many other Emerald Heights youngsters were.  His father, William, was a well respected lawyer who died suddenly an unexpectedly while Duncan was living in California.  Duncan moved home in order to help his mother deal with his father’s estate.  Months after William Marshall’s death, Annette Marshall disappeared from her home without a trace.

From a young age Duncan displayed an aptitude for photography.  He excels in personal and fashion photography, although he is not a fan of working with children.

After returning to Emerald Heights Duncan met and reconnected with an old friend, Cassandra Clark.  The two began dating and eventually fell in love and were married.  The marriage hasn’t been picture perfect.  Duncan hasn’t always been faithful and the pair have had problems trying to conceive – which has caused considerable tension between the two.

His wife is the owner/operator of Cassandra Caters.  His sister is an attorney with Dibson & Fine and is currently in California working on his defense.

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