Former Characters of Emerald Heights

This is a list of former characters of Emerald Heights.


Nancy Custone (Deceased)

Wife of Harry Custone.  Nancy died in a car accident after a fight with her husband.  She was leaving Emerald Heights and sped off the road and into the ocean.


Richard McKinelle (Deceased)

Peacefully in his bed, in his 63rd year. Richard McKinelle died after a long illness.  He leaves behind a young widow, and three children: Richard II, Pamela and Leticia McKinelle-Glendale.


Senator Charles Taylor (Deceased)

Corrupt Senator who is in league with Oliver Jordan and frequently funnels government contracts to Jordan’s companies.  His affiliation with Jordan began willingly but has since become reluctant.  Recently his wife was abducted as a way to send a message.  Senator Taylor died in the 2011 Red Terrace pool house fire.


Kirk Waterford (Deceased)

Husband of Eileen Waterford and father of Trey, Lawrence and Ophelia Waterford. Former CEO of Waterford Holdings he inherited the position from his father Ajax Waterford.  Kirk was killed in the 2011 Red Terrace pool house fire.

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