Frank Denzre

Frank Denzre
Frank Denzre
Born Frank Denzre
June 22nd, 1980 (Age 31)
Occupation Unemployed/Unknown
Residence The Rockwell
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Family Nathan Denzre
Relationships Kerstin Waterford, girlfriend
(d. 2012–present)
Active Seg #7 – Present
Segments Featuring Frank

Very little is known about Frank Denzre’s life before he moved to Emerald Heights and very little is known about him even now. Although a mystery his charm and charisma easily overcome his unknown past.

He lives in an apartment at The Rockwell that is furnished sparsely but classily. It contains nothing that appears personal in any way, no family photos, no mementos, nothing of the sort that would give any hints about his past.  He has a cat.

His only known acquaintance in Emerald Heights is Kerstin Waterford who, when they first met, remarked on the fact that he seemed to have no connections to the town.[7]  He saved Kerstin from an attack in the middle of the night while she was walking home from work.[10]  Recently it has come out that he was an informant for Oliver Jordan and was assigned to get close to Kerstin Waterford in order to get information that could be used by Jordan to take over Waterford Holdings.[29]

For unknown reasons he confessed to Lawrence Waterford on the morning before Tish Waterford’s wedding to Marcus LeBrandt.

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