Giulia Pagani

Name: Giulia Pagani
Age: 30
Occupation: District Attorney
Status: Single
Featured: Seg #3 – Present
Segments Featuring Giulia

Background / Storyline Summary:

When Benito Pagani and his lovely wife, Angelica decided to move from Washington with their newborn child, they never gave any consideration to Emerald Heights, until one of his closest friends and college room mate, Charles Weston, gave him a partnership in one of his companies.

Little Giulia was considered a tom-boy by her father, she hated wearing dresses and could usually be found playing with children much more poorer then her, riding bikes and constantly going back home with a bruise, a purple eye or a broken arm.  Angelica was always angry with her daughter, she hoped that her child was going to be a real lady and would shine inside the circles of Emerald Heights high society, but it seemed like it was a dream that could never come true, until she decided doing something about it. Angelica demanded to her husband that he should place the girl on a private school; if he didn’t do it then Angelica would divorce him. Loving both, his daughter and wife, Benito had no choice but to send her to Valleyridge Academy, the elite private school in Emerald Heights.

The school never changed her, Giulia became indeed more educated and patient, her memory turned each day more outstanding, and her grades were always great. She wasn’t popular but made lots of friends, most of them boys. Never been sure about what career she to follow, she learned a little of everything, from Greek mythology to Krav Maga, the Israeli army unarmed fighting technique. Sundays, she would go hunting with her father and at night cook with her mother, these years were great and Giulia was very happy.

Things were looking good for Benito Pagani during the years he worked for Weston Industries. He was promoted time and time again, being given more responsibility and excelling in every endeavour that we was trusted to undertake. The year Giulia turned 17 there was a scandal at Weston, in which it was revealed – by an anonymous source – that Charles had spent huge amounts of company money on women and liquor; Charles stepped down but blamed Benito for everything that happened and said he would have his revenge.

Later that year Benito died in an accident that saw his car fly off the highway and plunge into the ocean; his body was never found.

Angelica sold all the family’s belongings in Emerald Heights and began a life of jet-setting across the world; Giulia, already approved and enrolled at Yale Law, left Emerald Heights at the same time. At Yale she excelled as a student but never managed much of a social life. Giulia’s mother, on the other hand, had developed enough social life for three women – by the time Giulia graduated from Yale her mother was on her fifth husband and showing no signs of slowing down.

Giulia worked for McDermott, Will & Emery in New York as an Associate for 4 years. During a drive back from a convention she saw the welcome sign for Emerald Heights on the freeway. It only phased her for a moment at the time, but she couldn’t get it out of her head. She was homesick for her youth and she missed her father, the concrete jungle of New York was not home.

Like the flick of a switch she decided that Emerald Heights – the place that her father had come to love so very much – was where she belonged.

Relationships / Family:

Benito Pagani, Father – Deceased
Angelica Pagani, Mother – Absent Socialite / Professional Bride

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