Jason Marshall

Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall
Born Jason Marshall
1994 (Age 17)
Occupation High School Student
Residence Unknown
Father William Marshall
Mother Annette Marshall
Family Duncan Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
Relationships Kaitlyn Godspeed, girlfriend
(d. 2011 – Pres)
Active Seg #31 – Present
Segments Featuring Jason

Jason Marshall is the brother of Duncan and Elizabeth Marshall.  His parents are the William and Annette Marshall.  His father died when he was only seven years old and his mother disappeared the following year and has been declared legally dead, a fate that Jason does not accept.


The Marshall family is an upper-middle class family with a long history in the legal profession in Emerald Heights.  Jason’s ancestors have been police officers, lawyers – like his sister Elizabeth, judges and a district attorney.  When he was younger Jason was a bright, able and applied student, but after his parents’ deaths and subsequently moving in to his sister’s home with her two children his grades and his ambition for school have waned.  He has become a trouble maker and has twice been arrested for petty disturbances.

Jason has recently started seeing Kaitlyn Godspeed.  The two were present in the Red Terrace pool house during the fire.

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