Jehua Stanley

Jehua Stanley
Jehua Stanley
Born Jehua West Stanley
November 3rd, 1982 (Age 29)
Occupation Bartender, The P & Q
Residence Greydon Hall
Father Gordon Stanley
Mother Miriam West
Family Andrew Stanley
Cynthia Stanley
Brentwood Stanley
Gloria Stanley
James Stanley
Relationships Kerstin Waterford, girlfriend
(d. 1999 – 2000)
Active Seg #8 – Present
Segments Featuring Jehua

Jehua was born into the once-great Stanley clan in Emerald Heights.  Second only to the Waterfords the Stanley family has a long, proud history in Emerald Heights.  He is the middle child of Gordon and Miriam Stanley.

Jehua was educated at the Valleyridge Academy with the rest of the children of the elite families of Emerald Heights.  When he graduated he chose to go to college in Grand City rather than to go to Stanley University in his home town – Stanley University is named for Jehua’s great, great, great grandmother who was the towns first teacher.

Jehua was ashamed of his family’s floundering influence during his late teens and so adopted his mother’s maiden name as his own while in Grand City.  During this time he met and fell in love with Kerstin Waterford.  They two dated for a while although she was unaware of his connection to Emerald Heights the whole time.

Before Jehua was born his family’s dynasty had already started to crumble.  His grandfather made a fateful business deal with Oliver Jordan that saw Stanley Enterprises become Jordan-Stanley Enterprises and, eventually, Jordan Enterprises.

The Stanley family is extremely close and has always had a reputation for togetherness and wholesomeness.  Jehua’s mother Miriam died during childbirth with his sister Cynthia and since these was raised by his father Gordon with whom he works at the P & Q.  They are very close.

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