Kaitlyn Godspeed

Kaitlyn Godspeed
Kaitlyn Godspeed
Born Kaitlyn Godspeed
1994 (Age 17)
Occupation High School Student
Residence Suburbia
Father John Godspeed
Mother Unknown
Family None
Relationships Jason Marshall, boyfriend
(m. 2011 – Pres)
Active Seg #27 – Present
Segments Featuring Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is the daughter of Emerald Heights police chief John Godspeed.  Her parents are divorced and she lives with her father.  Her relationship with her mother is strained by the fact that Kaitlyn feels like her mother tries to change her and force her to conform to her mother’s style.

Kaitlyn is characteristically strong willed and brassy; she doesn’t consider herself a delicate flower.  She is an apt student but her ability to socialize with her peers has been impeded by her father’s position as a police officer.  In order to fit in she has developed something of a wild side that includes indulging heavily in alcohol in social situations.

She has recently begun seeing Jason Marshall.  She and Jason were in the pool house at Red Terrace during the fire.

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