Kerstin Waterford

Kerstin Waterford
Kerstin Waterford
Born Kerstin Anna Waterford
October 8th, 1983 (Age 28)
Occupation Waitress, The P & Q
Residence The Rockwell
Father Lawrence Waterford
Mother Stacy Ross
Family Lynda Waterford
George Ross
Tish Waterford
Andhi Ross
Leticia McKinelle-Glendale
Relationships Frank Denzre, boyfriend
(d. 2012–present)
Jehua Stanley
(d. 1999 – 2000)
Active Seg #1 – Present
Segments Featuring Kerstin

Kerstin is the oldest daughter of Lawrence Waterford and Stacy Ross (nee Talon) and the eldest grandchild of Kirk and Eileen Waterford.  She grew up at Red Terrace, the mansion built by her great-grandfather, on her family’s ancestral estate.  She is notable amongst her family for the unique way in which she views the Waterford family’s place in Emerald Heights.


During her childhood her parents were extremely busy with their respective careers – her father was working to expand the family business, Waterford Holdings, and her mother was breaking into the real estate business. Kerstin’s day to day upbringing was primarily at the hands of her governess and the household staff and, as a result, grew close them.

She was not only her parents’ first born but also the first of the new generation in the Waterford family dynasty as her grandparents’ eldest grandchild. Sixteen months after Kerstin was born her mother gave birth to her sister.

Kerstin never really learned to fit into the Waterford skin in which she was born. She insisted on attending A.J.W. High School (mercifully initialized since the school was named for her great grandfather). Her sister, along with the rest of the Waterford cousins, attended Valleyridge Academy with the rest of Emerald Heights’ elite. She attended college in Grand City rather than at the local Stanley University.

Kerstin WaterfordIf it hadn’t been for the death of her mother’s parents Kerstin probably wouldn’t have returned from Grand City at all, but when Eileen Waterford pleaded with her to return she conceded and returned to the family home at Red Terrace.

While away her sister had moved in on the family business, getting herself named to the board of directors and Vice President of Marketing. Kerstin turned down a similar offer.

Just four months after returning to Emerald Heights her sister Tish and her long-time boyfriend announced their intention to marry.[1] Shortly thereafter Kerstin announced her intention to move out of Red Terrace and into an apartment of her own[2]; where she met Frank Denzre with whom she has developed a relationship.[7]


The Waterford family is extensive and Kerstin is the eldest of the ten grand children of Kirk and Eileen Waterford.  But as extensive as the current Waterford family is, the family’s dynasty stretches back to the very founding of Emerald Heights itself.  Kerstin has long found herself with a unique perspective within her family of their place in Emerald Heights.

Kerstin’s relationship with her sister and her cousins tends to be strained due to her reluctance to buy in to the notion that Emerald Heights needs the Waterford family.  Her sister seems to go out of her way to do things that diminish Kerstin in the eyes of their shared relations, such as setting the date for her wedding on Kerstin’s birthday.  Kerstin tries to take it in stride.  There is also a great deal of animosity between her and her cousin Anders, the eldest grandson.


Jehua Stanley

During the time that they were both in college Jehua was introduced to Kerstin by a mutual friend.  At the time he was using his mother’s maiden name “West” as his surname and Kerstin didn’t recognize him.  She was infatuated with him and he with her.  Their relationship had a couple of false starts due to the nature of their college lives, but eventually their relationship became official.  The relationship ended abruptly when Kerstin disappeared without warning and left the college for a semester due to becoming pregnant.  With the help of her mother’s sister she was able to hide the pregnancy from everyone in her family and from Jehua and she gave the child up for adoption.  By the time she returned to college the following semester Jehua was gone.  She didn’t see him again until she started working at The P & Q.

Frank Denzre

Shortly after moving out of Red Terrace and into her apartment at The Rockwell, Kerstin met Frank Denzre.  She felt a spark of interest in him immediately, and it was seemingly returned when he invited her to breakfast minutes after their first meeting.  At the time Kerstin was unaware that Frank had been hired by Oliver Jordan to attempt to get inside information about Waterford Holdings through Lawrence Waterford’s daughters.  Kerstin, having no ties to Waterford, was a dead end for Frank, but in the end he developed real feelings for Kerstin.  Their relationship was made more intense by Frank saving Kerstin from an attack while walking home from The P & Q one night; this resulted in the first night they spent together, although not intimately.

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