Leticia McKinelle-Glendale

Leticia McKinelle-Glendale
Leticia McKinelle-Glendale
Born Leticia McKinelle
August 9th, 1985 (Age 26)
Occupation Architect, Price
Residence Unnamed
Father Richard P. McKinelle
Mother Gabriella Talon
Family Richard P. McKinelle II
Pamela McKinelle
Clara Preston-McKinelle
Kerstin Waterford
Relationships Oswald Glendale, ex-husband
(m. 2009–2011)
Active Seg #2 – Present
Segments Featuring Leticia

Leticia is the youngest child of Richard McKinelle and Gabriella (Talon) McKinelle.  She has a sister named Pamela; she has a brother, the oldest of the three, named Richard.Leticia’s Parents divorced when she was 9 years old. Her father still lives in Emerald Heights at Pinewood Manor.

After the divorce, her mother took Leticia and siblings to Grand City where they lived with Leticia’s Grandmother Talon in her penthouse suite.  For most of her childhood her mother resisted her attempts to reconnect with her father.

When Leticia was 12, at the urging of her grandmother as well as her uncle, she was sent to Constillion Boarding school in Fairview. Leticia rejected the idea and begged to be sent to Valleyridge Academy in Emerald Heights instead; she never completely forgave her grandmother nor her uncle.

When she was 18 years old she met and fell in love with a married Plastic Surgeon named Oswald Glendale. Their torrid affair was a bit of a scandal. Their relationship was off-and-on all through her years at college. Three days after her graduation Dr. Glendale divorced his wife and he married Leticia.

The marriage lasted three years before Leticia divorced him and fled.  Leticia then moved back to Emerald Heights to attend to her father who’s health was declining.

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