Oliver Jordan

Oliver Jordan
Oliver Jordan
Born Oliver Wendell Jordan
March 12th, 1948 (Age 63)
Occupation Business Magnate
Residence Jordan Manor
Father Malcolm Jordan
Mother Elizabeth Unknown
Family Olivia Jordan
Trevor Jordan
Relationships Constance Hughes, wife
(m. 1971–present)
Active Seg #2 – Present
Segments Featuring Oliver

Oliver Jordan was born March 12, 1948 to Malcolm and Elizabeth Jordan. They were a middle-class family and his upbringing reflected it. He attended public school for his education.He was a voracious academic and ferocious athlete on the field. He was valedictorian of his class in 1965. His athletic skills enabled him to receive a scholarship to the University of Southern California. While there, he double majored in business management and business finance and joined the Sigma Nu fraternity.

In 1968 he met Constance Hughes at a football rally and began dating her. They decided to wait until graduation to wed. Oliver graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1971 and they immediately returned to his home in Emerald Heights to wed.

Oliver went to work for Stanley Enterprises, one of the largest employers of Emerald Heights at the time. He gained valuable experience and set up a remarkable network of friends during his time there. In 1980 a unique opportunity happened his way.

An old frat brother of his had recently taken a job at the defence department. As Ronald Reagan had just been elected president and the Iran hostage situation was still in the public mind, Oliver knew there was going to be a military build up.

He arranged to purchase the old Sullivan Factory that had been vacant for many years with the help of some of his friends. His fraternity brother arranged for some defence contracts to come his way. For the next 12 years, he expanded the company and ventured into other industries such as computers, fibre optics, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, shipping, freight transport and mining.

In 1992 he made a successful hostile take over bid for Stanley Enterprises and made it the largest computer software design company in the region. It was also in 1992 he first made the listing on Forbes 500 Billionaires list.

Jordan Enterprises, formerly Jordan-Stanley Enterprises, is the largest employer in all of Massachusetts through its various subsidiary companies.  Oliver is undoubtedly Emerald Heights’ most wealthy residents but in spite of his apparent position at the top he still looks forward to the next acquisition, the next business coup.

He is the owner of Jordan Enterprises, of which Stanley Software & Telecommunications, Emerald Heights largest employer, is a subsidiary.  He is also the owner of Jordan Towers and the Emerald Heights Outlet Mall.  The Jordan Wing of Emerald Heights Hospital is named after him.

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