Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan
Olivia Jordan
Born Olivia Jordan
1982 (Age 29)
Occupation Businesswoman
Residence Jordan Estate
Father Oliver Jordan
Mother Constance Hughes
Family Trevor Jordan
Relationships None
Active Seg #31 – Present
Segments Featuring Olivia

Olivia Jordan is the eldest daughter of magnate Oliver Jordan and his wife Constance.  She has a younger brother that she is fond and protective of in spite of his near-constant disappointment.  She is an important figure in Jordan Enterprises and until recently was solely responsible for the company’s entire Southeast Asian operations.  She shares her father’s drive to dominate Emerald Heights by destroying the Waterford family.


Olivia Jordan’s upbringing was quite typical of upper-class New England society.  In spite of her family being labeled nouveau riche her bold personality easily allowed her to overcome whatever condescension she might have been subjected to.  Furthermore, her father’s meteoric rise to vast, vast wealth allowed her to match any old money trust fund or portfolio that peers in the gentry tried to lord over her.

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