Sarah Price

Jehua Stanley
Sarah Price
Born Sarah Price
September 5, 1983 (Age 28)
Occupation Fashion Designer, Price
Residence Price Estate
Father Victor Price
Mother Mary Price
Family John Price
Catrina Price
Relationships Oswald Glendale, boyfriend
(d. 2011 – Pres)
Active Seg #2 – Present
Segments Featuring Sarah

Sarah Elizabeth Price was born in Emerald Heights Hospital on September 5, 1983 to Victor and Mary Price.  Victor is President and CEO, and Mary is its Chairwoman of the Board, of Price the international fashion house which is known the world over.

Sarah grew up a little princess in a big palace.  She spent her younger years jet-setting all over the world with her mother as she outfitted dignitaries, debutantes and even the Queen herself on more than on occasion.  How many young girls can tell stories of playing dolly in Windsor castle?

Both Sarah and her younger brother, John, attended Valleyridge Academy with the rest of the Emerald Heights elite.  The siblings are very close and very loyal to each other and their family.

Sarah went to college in England majoring in Fashion Design and Business in anticipation of assuming her father’s place as the head of Price upon his retirement.

She returned to Emerald Heights immediately following the completion of her education and assumed her duties at Price as a fashion designer.

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