The Families

Dynastic Families:

Waterford Family
The Waterford family is the iconic family is Emerald Heights.  Its name is synonymous with the city and its history.  There are streets, such as Ajax Lane, which are named after fore-bearers of the Waterford dynasty.  Kirk Waterford is the patriarch of the Waterford family.  Lawrence is a rival of Oliver Jordan who would like to unseat Lawrence and the Waterford family of its dynastic status.

Jordan Family
Emerald Heights nouveau riche, the Jordan family has amassed a significant amount of money and influence in the city in only a few short decades.  Oliver Jordan, the patriarch of the family, was born in New Hampshire but moved to Emerald Heights when he was very young; prior to that the family had no connection to the city.  In his own lifetime Oliver has grown to become the single largest employer in all of Massachusetts by way of his Jordan Enterprises.  He is a rival with Lawrence Waterford.
Oliver Jordan, CEO of Jordan Enterprises
Constance Jordan, Oliver’s wife, socialite
Olivia Jordan, Oliver’s daughter
Trevor Jordan, Oliver’s son

Price Family
The Price family has strong ties to its homeland of Wales but has for several generations called Emerald Heights home.  Victor and Mary started Price in the 1970s and have found significant success in the United States and around the world.  This family, through its philanthropy and strong bond of loyalty to each other and the city has earned itself a place in the upper echelon of Emerald Heights society.
Victor Price, co-CEO of Price
Mary Price, co-CEO of Price
John Price
Sarah Price, Victor’s elder daughter, VP at Price
Catrina Price, Victor’s younger daughter, senior at Valleyridge Academy

Stanley Family
Once a great and powerful family that numbered as many and as influential as the Waterfords the Stanley dynasty is all but ended.  Jordan Enterprises purchased, absorbed and subsequently replaced the once great Stanley Enterprises that helped Emerald Heights boom in spite of the Great Depression.  There are still Stanleys in Emerald Heights, and they remain respected among the old families of the city, but their former glory is scarcely known outside society circles.
Gordon Stanley, Owner Operator of The P & Q
Miriam Stanley, Gordon’s wife; Jehua’s mother (deceased)
Brentwood Stanley, Gordon Stanley’s brother; James’ adopted father
Gloria Stanley, Brentwood’s wife; James’ adopted mother
James Stanley
Andrew Stanley, Gordon’s oldest son
Jehua Stanley, Gordon’s son, Assistant Manager at The P & Q
Cynthia Stanley, Gordon’s youngest child, senior at Emerald Heights High School

Other Families:

Armitage Family
– Kent Armitage
– Roland Armitage

McKinelle Family
– Richard P. McKinelle (deceased)
– Clara Preston-McKinelle
Leticia McKinelle
– Pamela McKinelle
– Richard P. McKinelle II

Marshall Family
– Elizabeth Marshall
Duncan Marshall
– Cassandra Marshall
– Jason Marshall

Pagani Family
– Angelica Pagani
Giulia Pagani

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