Jordan Enterprises posts strong second quarter.

In spite of the otherwise weak national economic outlook brought about in part due to failures in Washington, Jordan Enterprises has once again proved itself to be a recession-proof gem of the American economy.

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Growing Our Business in an Ever Shrinking World

As globalization brings together markets that were once widely divided by culture, distance and finances Jordan Enterprises is uniquely position to capitalize areas of strength. Our commitment to an annual 80% reinvestment of profits in capital expansion provides not only a strong return on investment for our partners but also an ever growing input stream for our manufacturing and development businesses. This allows us to expand our product and service base while providing the greatest quality for our customers.


Our Best Practices

  • Environment first.

    Jordan Enterprises operates on a strictly environment first policy that demands that we and all our subsidiaries and partners adhere to the strongest regulations and practices when dealing with sensitive natural resources.

  • More than just a business.

    From the mailroom to the boardroom we at Jordan Enterprises pride ourselves on being a family company. We work long and hard to ensure tha all members of the J.E. team feel pride in their contribution to our business' success.