Segment #1 – #10

  • #1 – The Big Announcement Summary: Setting the stage for Emerald Heights and introducing the Waterford family. The Waterford family and the who's who of Massachusetts society gather for the engagement announcement of Lawrence Waterford's younger daughter, Tish.
  • #2 – Three Lunches Summary: Oliver Jordan, one of the most powerful men in Emerald Heights, has a meeting with the state's senior senator in Washington, Charles Taylor over a business matter that Oliver felt wasn't handled correctly. Kerstin announced to her friend Sarah that she's finally getting out from under her father's shadow. Leticia McKinelle's has a ...
  • #3 – Some Things Last Forever Summary: Guila Pagani, the District Attorney of Emerald Heights, and her arch rival, Eve Nightingale, battle it out in court. Photographer Duncan Marshall takes the afternoon off to visit the local watering hole, the P & Q, only to have his quiet afternoon interrupted by Detective Kevin Burgess.
  • #4 – What I Want, What You Need Summary: Leticia McKinelle and Kerstin Waterford meet for a lunch to share their mutual woes. Detective Burgess begins digging into Duncan Marshall's background and personal life. Sarah Price helps Leticia solve one of her problems. Duncan begins lying to his wife... again.
  • #5 – Shadows of Things to Come Summary: Constance Jordan calls out her son Trevor on a secret that he's been keeping from his parents. Kerstin Waterford moves out of Red Terrace and resolves to tackle her next great hurdle: getting a job. Oliver Jordan gets a phone call that sets into motion some very grave actions. Cassandra Marshall begins ...
  • #6 – Successes and Failures Summary: Leticia McKinelle and her terminally ill father's new wife have a show down in the kitchen of Pinewood Manor, her father's house. She then talks to her sister about their step-mother before accepting a job offer to work at Price. The lawyers give their closing statements in the Wellroth Chemicals case. Giuila ...
  • #7 – Hands On Summary: Lawrence and Lynda discuss the next venture for Waterford Developments. Kerstin meets Emerald Heights newcomer Frank Denzre. Duncan Marshall and Detective Burgess have a public confrontation.
  • #8 – I’ll Drink To That Summary: Harry Custone recollects his deceased wife. Kerstin gets a job. Harry Custone and Oliver Jordan scheme. Kerstin runs into an old flame.
  • #9 – A Bad Man Comes To Town Summary: Detective Burgess meets with Chief Godspeed after the blowup with Duncan Marshall. Kerstin works her first shift at The P & Q. A bad man comes to town.
  • #10 – Secret, Sorrow, Saviour. Stalker. Summary: Two men meet for nefarious purposes. Emerald Heights loses a great man. Kerstin Waterford gets herself into trouble. Oswald remembers his meeting with Sarah Price.
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