Segment #11 – #20

  • #11 – Before and Aftermath Summary: Kerstin and Frank Denzre wake up together. Sarah meets the crazed plastic surgeon Oswald Glendale for a breakfast meeting.
  • #12 – Burning Through The Haze Summary: Leticia reacts to the death of her father. Sarah reacts to the aftermath of her interview with Oswald Glendale.
  • #13 – Contest of Will Summary: Kerstin and Frank pay her father a visit. Leticia and Clara clash again over Richard’s will. Sarah prepares for her meeting with Oswald.
  • #14 – The Long Night Summary: Oswald and Sarah have their photo shoot. Kerstin and Frank succumb to passion. Oswald and Sarah profess feelings. Harry Custone takes care of business.
  • Special 1 – Amber Heights Summary: An alternate universe episode of the serial set in Amber Heights written by Craig at Word Cereal for April Fool's Day 2011.
  • #15 – In The Morning Light Summary: Duncan get a visit from the police chief. Kerstin deals with the fallout from the night before. Trevor Jordan seeks consolation.
  • #16 – What’s Past is Past Summary: Leticia gets stood up for breakfast. Kerstin gets surprise visitors. Leticia asks Duncan for help. Kerstin confides in Jehua.
  • #17 – A Little Game of Telephone Summary: Coming Soon.
  • #18 – In The Woods Summary: Sarah wakes up in a cabin in the woods with Oswald Glendale but with no recollection of how she got there. California Detective Kevin Burgess who is in Emerald Heights investigating the murder of fashion designer Claudio Breza gets his man… but is it the right one?
  • #19 – Business Before Pleasure Summary: Harry Custone meets his informant. Frank and Kerstin share a laugh in the halls before getting serious in her apartment. Harry and Oliver Jordan get their first look at some information on Lawrence Waterford. Frank returns from a profitable business meeting.
  • #20 – Things That Go Bump in the Night Summary: Kerstin and Frank Deznre share a lighthearted night in. A new boy arrives in Emerald Heights who will change many, many lives.
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