Segment #31 – #40

  • #31 – Light Up the Night Summary: Kirk Waterford and Senator Charles Taylor talk about old times and their plans to save Waterford Holdings from Oliver Jordan. Olivia Jordan comes back to Emerald Heights for the big day. Leticia McKinelle investigates Oswald's laboratory. Kaitlyn Godspeed and Jason Marshall run into each other during a night out. Kerstin Waterford figures out that something ...
  • #32 – The Big Day: Part I Summary: Kaitlyn Godspeed wakes up beside Jason Marshall. Lawrence Waterford talks to Marcus about his actions. Leticia reaches out to Kerstin after the events at the lab. The guests begin to arrive at the wedding. Kaitlyn and Jason decide to see how the other half lives and use their family's unused invitations to the Waterford wedding ...
  • #33 – The Big Day: Part II Summary: Kerstin and Leticia talk about Kerstin's treatment of Olivia Jordan. Lawrence Waterford and Oliver Jordan face off. Leticia runs into Oswald. Frank and Kerstin talk. Jason Marshall and Kaitlyn Godspeed snoop around Red Terrace. Anders Waterford eavesdrops on a conversation. Leticia hammers back at her ex-husband. Tragedy strikes...
  • #34 – Smouldering Summary: Jason Marshall and Kaitlyn Godspeed discuss the fire. Frank goes to Kerstin's apartment to collect things and gets an unexpected phone call while he's there. Jehua and James Stanley drop in on Kerstin in the hospital.
  • #35 – The California Problem Summary:
  • #36 – In the Ashes Summary:
  • #37 – What Happens at Red Terrace Summary:
  • #38 – Stays at Red Terrace Summary:
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