Segments Featuring Anita Breza

#23 – When Lightning Strikes


  • Richard McKinelle died and left his considerable estate to his widow; and not to his children.
  • Leticia McKinelle hatched a plot to contest the will.
  • Trevor Jordan dropped out of school and is extremely in debt to a man
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#18 – In The Woods


  • Oswald Glendale is immediately entranced by Sarah Price when first he sees her.
  • Oswald concocts a story that he’s a fashion interviewer in order to earn Sarah’s trust.
  • Sarah Price passes while drinking champagne after her interview with Oswald
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#15 – In The Morning Light


  • Duncan Marshall is accused of the murder of Claudio Breza and a woman in California.
  • Frank Denzre and Kerstin Waterford try to give in to passion.
  • Trevor Jordan’s parents discover that he hasn’t been attending college.

The distinctive jingle …

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